The third heat of the 2014 Heavyweight Championship. Unlike the previous two heats this one contained three competiting robots and once again no house robots were used. This heat also contained two robots that fought in the TV series that being Iron-Awe and the other being Big Nipper. This is also one of two heats in this Championship that contains a Iron-Awe robot.


The BattleEdit

Titan hammers Big Nipper's claws causing little damage while Big Nipper gets a grip on Iron-Awe 5. Iron-Awe flips Big Nipper who lands on Titan. Titan reverses and bashes into Iron-Awe shoving it into the arena wall which triggers the pit release button. The pit opened and Big Nipper attacks iron-awe while Titan drives dangerously near the pit. iron-Awe and Big Nipper constantly attack each other while titan sluggishly follow on. Iron-Awe pushes Big Nipper near towards the pit but goes for the arena wall instead, Iron-Awe attempts to flip Big Nipper out but ends up tipping itself over. Titan finally get a hit on Big Nipper and its axe is lodged for a few seconds before retracting. Big Nipper charges at Iron-awe who self rights sending both Big Nipper and itself in the air. Titan gets hold of Iron-Awe and starts hitting away on the flipper. Big Nipper charges towards Titan who reverses and almost pits itself. Iron-Awe gets a flip on Big nipper sending it across the arena and almost out. Big Nipper plays around near the pit which 

Heat c battle

Titan drives into the pit.

causes Titan to attempt to pit Big Nipper, however Titan humiliates itself by driving in to the pit. However Iron-Awe saves Titan and flips it out. All three robots bash and crash into one another and end up running away and chasing each other afterwards. Titan is ether stuck in the arena wall or sent into forward drive temporally before Iron -Awe and Big Nipper's fighting helps free it. Iron-Awe gets a flip on Big Nipper who almost lands in the pit, ironically Iron-Awe drives backwards into the pit but uses it's flipper to get out and comedically flips itself back into the pit. While Iron-Awe tries to flip itself out of the pit with little success, Big Nipper goes after Titan who so far hasn't done much. Iron-Awe gives up its escape leaving Big Nipper and Titan to fight. It goes to a decision and Big Nipper is awarded the win.      

Winner: Big Nipper

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