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The 2005 UK Winter Tour Championships was the 2nd year for the popular Winter Tour held by Roaming Robots which also played a part in being the 2nd UK Championships after Robot Wars TM, it was the first Winter Tour that featured the current Roaming Robots arena of today. The tour hit many places in the UK including Merthyr Tydfil, Portsmouth, Macclesfield and Birmingham for the qualifier rounds and the finals were at Folkestone. The Heavyweight competition was won by Kronic and the Featherweight competition was won by Stiff Breeze

Competing RobotsEdit

The below list of robots contains the robots that participated in the competition

Seeds Edit

The Tour had 6 seeded robots, all in their place that they finished in at the 2004 Winter Tour championships the previous year, they were as follows

  1. Terrorhurtz
  2. Big Nipper
  3. Ewe 2
  4. Storm 2
  5. Ripper
  6. Kronic

NOTE : Mute was due to be the 2nd seed but it was forced pull out.

Heavyweights Tour Edit

Round 1 : Merthyr Tydfil Edit

Main Article: The 2005 UK Winter Tour Championships: Round 1 - Merthyr Tydfil

  • Kan-Opener Vs Taurus
  • Merlin Vs Velocirippa

Round 2 : Portsmouth Edit

Main Article: The 2005 UK Winter Tour Championships: Round 2 - Portsmouth

  • Pressure Vs Taurus
  • Merlin Vs Terminal Ferocity
  • Kronic Vs 8645T
  • Storm 2 Vs Hades
  • Behemoth Vs Tanto
  • Dantomkia Vs Tough As Nails
  • Tough As Nails Vs Hades

Round 3 : Macclesfield Edit

Main Article: The 2005 UK Winter Tour Championships: Round 3 - Macclesfield

  • Ripper Vs Edge Hog
  • 8645T Vs Big Nipper
  • Chompalot Vs Velocirippa
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Kan-Opener
  • Ewe 2 Vs Tanto

Round 4 : Birmingham Edit

Main Article: The 2005 UK Winter Tour Championships: Round 4 - Birmingham

  • Pressure Vs Storm 2
  • Behemoth Vs Terrorhurtz
  • Big Nipper Vs Terminal Ferocity
  • Ewe 2 Vs Chompalot
  • Kronic Vs Ripper

Finals : Folkestone Edit

&nbsp Main Article: The 2005 UK Winter Tour Championships: Finals - Folkestone

Round 1

  • Merlin Vs Taurus
  • Big Nipper Vs Terrorhurtz
  • Behemoth Vs Tanto
  • Tough As Nails Vs Ripper
  • Beast Vs Chompalot, NOTE : Chompalot couldn't make the event so Beast had automatic qualification into the Quarter-Finals
  • Kronic Vs Storm 2


  • Terrorhurtz Vs Merlin, NOTE : Merlin took too much damage from Terrorhurtz to compete in the Loser's Melee
  • Behemoth Vs Kronic
  • Beast Vs Tough As Nails

Loser's Melee

  • Kronic Vs Tough As Nails


  • Terrorhurtz Vs Behemoth
  • Beast Vs Kronic

3rd Place Play-Off

  • Behemoth Vs Beast

3rd-Place Winners : Behemoth


  • Terrorhurtz Vs Kronic

2005 UK Winter Tour Champion : Kronic


Kronic, 2005 UK Champion

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