Heat B of the 2006 UK Championships was the second heat of the 2006 UK Championships held from the 23rd-27th August at Wicksteed Theme Park, Kettering, It was the secong heat to determine which robot would go through to the finals later on in the week. The 4 competing robots fought out in battles in a league system to try and earn points to go through. The battles of the heat took part on the 23rd August 2006.


The Following four robots fought in the heat.

Image Name
Leveller 2
Leveller 2
Storm 2
Storm 2 (Seeded 8th)


Storm 2 (8) Vs TX-108Edit

TX-108 was apparently lacking any real speed which allowed Storm 2 to take advantage of this greatly. Storm 2 shoved TX-108 around the arena and into a walls a lot of times, TX-108 slowly hit the pit release button to activate the pit and continued getting shoved around by the Robot Wars World Champion. Eventually, Storm 2 rode up TX-108s wedge at one point, but TX-108 didn't bring its jaw down and was unable to push. After getting off TX-108s front, Storm 2 continued to shove the opposition around the arena until TX-108 ended up down the pit.

Winner: Storm 2

Leveller 2 Vs ToxicEdit

TX-108 Vs ToxicEdit

Toxic drove up TX-108s wedge but immediatly got off before narrowly missing the pit, Toxic for some reason couldn't maneuvere itself away and was chased around the arena by TX-108. Eventually, TX-108 pinned Toxic in the corner and brought its claw down on the robot from Norfolk, but it slipped off. TX-108 tried to grab Toxic again and this time had it held, TX-108 tried to drag it, but couldn't get enough traction, so let it go and carried on. Eventually the fight stopped, but TX-108 was given the win as it was the more aggressive of the two.

Winner: TX-108

Leveller 2 Vs Storm 2 (8)Edit

Storm 2 (8) Vs ToxicEdit

Toxic struggled a lot to get its weapon underneath Storm 2 as the latter was too fast and kept under it shoving it around the arena a lot. Storm 2 chased Toxic around the arena and got under lifting it up trying to piggy-back it, but dropped it. So Storm 2 tried to clamp Toxic underneath its lifter, but it got away quick, so Storm 2 lifted Toxic up and maneuvered it into the arena wall were it was stuck and struggled to get down again and was beaten.

Winner: Storm 2

TX-108 Vs Leveller 2Edit

Both robots circled round each other trying to get their weapons into play, but Leveller 2 got the first attack in on TX-108 flipping it over. TX-108 couldn't self-right for some reason and stayed flipped.

Winner: Leveller 2

Heat B Winner: Storm 2

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