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Heat E of The 2006 UK Championships was the 5th heat of the 2006 UK Championships held at Wicksteed Theme Park, Kettering on the 23rd-27th August 2006. It was the 5th heat to determine which robot would be the 4th to go through to the finals later on in the week by fighting in a league system to earn points. The battles of the heat were fought on the 24th August 2006.


The following 4 competitors took part in the heat

Image Name
Hammerhead 3
Hammerhead 3
Merlin (Seeded 6th)


Merlin (6) Vs HannibalEdit

Hannibal tried to flip Merlin missing, but flipped it in the 2nd attempt. Merlin self-righted and fought back turning the Belgian machine over but it self righted and carried on. Merlin then turned Hannibal over again where it was unable to self-right due to it being low on gas, Merlin took advantage of this by flipping it out the arena.

Winner: Merlin

Hammerhead 3 Vs DisconstructorEdit

Disconstructor started off slowly getting its disc up to speed and Hammerhead 3 approached it cautiously before hitting Disconstructors disc recieving no damage and flipping it in the air. Disconstructor went head-on into Hammerhead 3s flipper again but still didn't cause any damage and was flipped up in the air. After the fight ended, it went to a judges decision and Hammerhead 3 was the winner.

Winner: Hammerhead 3

Merlin (6) Vs DisconstructorEdit

Both robots were off, Disconstructor got its disc up to speed, but Merlin got round its side flipping it but failing to turn it over due to the gyroscopic affect of the opponents disc. Disconstructor struggled to get any hits on Merlin with its disc as Merlin kept flipping it around the arena failing to turn it over. Merlin eventually flipped Disconstructor against the arena wall where it had no way of getting off and was counted out.

Winner: Merlin

Hannibal Vs Hammerhead 3Edit

Hammerhead 3 got the first flip in on Hannibal nearly getting the Belgian robot out the arena, but it landed back on its wheels and carried on. Hannibal managed to retaliate getting around the side of Hammerhead 3 getting a flip on it, but it rolled back on its wheels only to be thrown high by Hammerhead 3 having nearly been thrown out the arena. Hannibal tried to self-right, but was unable to due to the arena wall being in the way.

Winner: Hammerhead 3

Merlin (6) Vs Hammerhead 3Edit

As activate was called, both robots were off and Merlin immediatly flipped Hammerhead 3 over where it tried to self-right but couldn't. Eventually, Merlin pushed Hammerhead 3 towards the arena wall where the Dutch robot finally managed to right itself, only to be flipped around by Merlin again and again until it was thrown out of the arena.

Winner: Merlin

Hannibal Vs DiscontstructorEdit

Heat E Winner: Merlin

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