Heat G of The 2006 UK Championships was the 7th heat of the 2006 UK Championships held at Wicksteed Theme Park, Kettering on the 23rd-27th August 2006. It was the 7th heat to determine which robot would be the 7th to go through to the finals later on in the week. The battles of the heat were fought on the 24th August 2006.


The following 3 competitors fought it out in the heat.

NOTE : CTRip was meant to be in this heat, but pulled out

Image Name
Mighty Mouse
Tanto 2006
Tanto (Seeded 9th)
Tilly 1O1


Tilly 1O1 Vs Mighty MouseEdit

Tilly 1O1 got its full-body spinner up to speed before getting hit by Mighty Mouse. Tilly 1O1 then seemed to have broken down which allowed Mighty Mouse to take advantage of this by activating the pit and ramming it several times to push it down.

Winner: Mighty Mouse

Tilly 1O1 Vs Tanto (9)Edit

Tanto (9) Vs Mighty MouseEdit

Mighty Mouse Vs Tanto (9) Vs Tilly 1O1Edit

Due to all robots having won an equal amount of points in the pod, all 3 had to fight it out in the melee to declare the Heat winner. All robots were off as activate was called, Mighty Mouse came in putting dents in the side of Tilly 1O1s armour before activating the pit. Immediatly, Tanto broke down which left it between the other 2 robots. Mighty Mouse rammed at Tilly 1O1 causing it to have problems with its own maneuverability. Tilly 1O1 got going a bit more, but its disc wasn't working which left it to be vulnerable and Mighty Mouse rammed it more putting in more dents. Mighty Mouse rammed Tilly 1O1 again this time getting stuck on each other, Tilly 1O1 got its disc back up to speed but the battle came to a judges decision which went in favour of Mighty Mouse.

Heat G Winner: Mighty Mouse

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