The 2007 Winter Tour was a big event hosted by Roaming Robots, it was the 4th year for the popular Winter Tour and also the second that didn't play a part in being the UK Championships the same year had already been held. The tour hit 3 venues again for the qualifier rounds, they came to Doncaster, Portsmouth & Maidstone for the qualifier rounds and then Nottingham for the finals. Iron-Awe 5 won the heavyweights tour and Beauty 2 won the Featherweights tour.

Competing RobotsEdit

The following robots participated in the tournament

The Competition Edit

The competition was the same as before, robots fought it out in a series of fights in each qualifier to gain points to get entry into the finals at Nottingham, the results are as follows

NOTE : All battles are as remembered, winners names are in bold

Round 1 : Doncaster Edit

  • Mighty Mouse Vs Tiberius 4 Vs TillyEwe 2
  • Beast Vs Kan-Opener Vs Scorpion
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs The Saint Vs Ripper Vs Scorpion
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Tiberius 4
  • Beast Vs Dantomkia Vs Storm Force

Round 2 : Portsmouth Edit

  • Envy Vs Kan-Opener Vs The Saint
  • Dantomkia Vs Kan-Opener Vs The Saint
  • The Saint Vs TillyEwe 2 Vs Weird Alice 2
  • Envy Vs Mighty Mouse Vs Weird Alice 2
  • Dantomkia Vs TillyEwe 2

Round 3 : Maidstone Edit

  • Hades Vs Kan-Opener Vs Ripper
  • Dantomkia Vs Mighty Mouse
  • Mesh Vs Perolito Vs Spike
  • Dantomkia Vs TillyEwe 2

The Finals : Nottingham Edit

Round 1

  • Beast Vs Dantomkia
  • Envy Vs Iron-Awe 5
  • Kan-Opener Vs Velocirippa
  • Scorpion Vs TillyEwe 2


  • Beast Vs Iron-Awe 5
  • Kan-Opener Vs TillyEwe 2

3rd-Place Play-Off

  • Beast Vs TillyEwe 2

3rd-Place Winners : TillyEwe 2


  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Kan-Opener
2007 Heavyweight Winter Tour Champion : Iron-Awe 5
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Iron-Awe 5, 2007 Heavyweight Winter Tour Champion