The 2008 Winter Tour was the 5th year for the popular Winter Tour hosted by Roaming Robots, it has also been the shortest of the tours are there was 2 qualifier shows and 1 finals event. The tour came to venues Roaming Robots had come to in the past. They went to Portsmouth and Nottingham for the qualifier shows and Maidstone for the finals. The event also played a part in hosting the first ever awards ceremony for robots throughout the years. Ripper Evo won the Heavyweight Tournament whilst Aftershock won the Featherweights Tournament. The tour also saw the debuting of the flipout-zone and the cage.

Competing RobotsEdit

This is the list of the robots that took part in the championships



Round 1 : Portsmouth Edit

Heavyweights Edit

  • Beast Vs Hydra
  • Kan-Opener Vs Maelstrom
  • Tilly Evo Vs White Knight
  • Hortron Vs Hydra
  • Dantomkia Vs Weird Alice 2
  • Dantomkia Vs Hydra Vs Mighty Mouse Vs Tilly Evo

Featherweights Edit

  • 44 Toon Vs Beauty 2 Vs Blitz Vs Killer Bee Vs Mini Mighty Mouse Vs Pain In The Asp Vs Pillow Torque Vs Shockwave Vs Tiny Toon Vs Whirlpool
  • Aftershock Vs Cylon Vs Ironside Vs Little Devil Vs Satanix Vs Skink Vs Smash Vs Stiff Breeze Vs Surprise
  • Aftershock Vs Ironside Vs Mini Mighty Mouse Vs Pain In The Asp Vs Smash Vs Tiny Toon Vs Whirlpool

Round 2 : Nottingham Edit

This event was also given a Halloween theme due to it being held on the last weekend of October.

Heavyweights Edit

  • Dantomkia Vs Thor
  • Chompalot Vs Pressure
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Tiberius 4
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Weird Alice 2
  • Meggamouse Vs Ripper Evo
  • Hydra Vs Maelstrom
  • Hortron Vs Tilly Evo

Featherweights Edit

  • 44 Toon Vs Aftershock Vs Cylon Vs Fireant Vs Ironside Vs Mini Mighty Mouse Vs Pain In The Asp Vs Pillow Torque Vs Psycho Fling Vs Push N Shove
  • Satanix Vs Skink Vs Stiff Breeze Vs Tiny Toon Vs Tuff Luck Vs Tuff Luck 2 Vs Wedge Antilles Vs Wedgie Vs Whirlpool
  • Aftershock Vs Mini Mighty Mouse Vs Pillow Torque Vs Skink Vs Tiny Toon Vs Wedgie

The Finals : Maidstone Edit

Heavyweights Edit

Round 1

  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Ripper Evo
  • Chompalot Vs Dantomkia
  • Envy Vs Hydra
  • Beast Vs Pressure
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Thor

Loser's Melee

  • Ripper Evo Vs Chompalot Vs Beast


  • Dantomkia Vs Pressure
  • Beast Vs Ripper Evo
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Tilly Evo
  • Hydra Vs Terrorhurtz


  • Dantomkia Vs Ripper Evo
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Terrorhurtz


  • Ripper Evo Vs Terrorhurtz
Heavyweight Winter Tour Champion 2008 : Ripper Evo
Ripper Evo

Ripper Evo, Heavyweight Winter Tour Champion 2008

Featherweights Edit


Aftershock Vs Ironside Vs Mini Mighty Mouse Vs Pain In The Asp Vs Pillow Torque Vs Skink Vs Tiny Toon Vs Wedgie

Featherweight Winter Tour Champion 2008 : Aftershock

Aftershock, Featherweight Winter Tour Champion 2008

The Awards Edit

The 2008 Winter Tour also saw the first of the Roaming Robots Awards, the roboteers voted via the internet for which Heavyweights and Featherweights should be voted for the Best Design Award, Best Engineered Robot, Best Promising Newcomer, Best Paintjob award, The most Entertaining Robot, Best Perseverance, and also for the Best Sportsmanship for a team and the personality of the year!


Award Category Heavyweight Winner Featherweight Winner
Best Design Terrorhurtz Mini Mighty Mouse
Best Engineered Big Nipper Pain In The Asp
Best Promising Newcomer Maelstrom Tiny Toon
Best Paint Effects Beast Whirlpool
Most Entertaining Robot Thor Fluffy
Best Perseverance Award Weird Alice 2 Block Of Wood

Best Sportsmanship Award : Team Batter

Personality Of The Year : Shane Swan (Team Bud)

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