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The 2009 UK Heavyweight Championships: Round 6

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Round 6 of the 2009 Heavyweight UK Championships was the sixth qualifier show of the 2009 UK Championships which was held throughout the whole year. It was the sixth and also second-last round to determine which robots would earn points for a place in the finals at Wigan at the end of the year. The event was held at the Mountbatten Leisure Centre at Portsmouth on the 4th October 2009.


Below is a list of the competitors that participated in the show

Image Robot
And His Army
And His Army
Barbaric Response
Barbaric Response
Envy 2009
Picture Coming Soon Hortron
Hydra 2
L 4bb710274a0a5dc7f7bfe1a580c47363
Iron-Awe 5
Iron-Awe 6
Iron-Awe 6
Ripper Evo
Ripper Evo
The saint

The Saint

St Hammer
Tilly Evo
Tilly Evo
Weird Alice 2


And His Army Vs Beast Vs PuckEdit

Hortron Vs Pressure Vs St Hammer Vs Weird Alice 2Edit

Barbaric Response Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Maelstrom Vs MeggamouseEdit

Envy Vs Hydra Vs Merlin Vs Tilly EvoEdit

Hydra tried to land an axe blow on Envy, but missed and got flipped against the arena wall by Envy instead in an attempt to get flipped out the arena. Meanwhile, Tilly Evo flipped Merlin over who recovered by self-righting. Hydra fired its axe at Merlin which couldn't penetrate the hardox armour of Team MADs robot, Envy attacked Hydra again where they recovered again fighting back against the other 3. Merlin then accidentally drove into the pit leaving it between the other three robots. Hydra strayed close to Major Damage who fired its hammer, but Hydra dodged it, got away and continued. Envy meanhwile flipped Tilly Evo over and it couldn't appear to self-right, leaving it with Hydra and Envy to battle. Hydra drove up Envys wedge and got stuck on the back end of Team Buds robot but it got off and continued, only to be pushed by Envy into Major Damage who landed several hammer blows on the top of Hydra. The fight went to the judges who decided that Hydra was being more aggressive and won the battle.

Winner: Hydra

Iron-Awe 5 Vs Ripper Evo Vs Thor Vs SMIDSYEdit

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