Heat A of the 2011 UK Championships was the first heat of the 2011 UK Championships held from the 23rd-24th April at the Premiere Piazza space at the O2 Arena in London. The 4 competing robots fought out in one 4 way battle. The winner would go through, and the robot that came second would go to the losers melee. The heat was held on the 24th April.


Iron-Awe 5 (Seeded 1st)
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Weight: 100kg
Cost: £3000
Top Speed: 12mph
Armour: 3mm Hardox all over
Motors: 2 x Bosch 24v 750w
Batteries: 3 x 30v NiCad Packs
Weapons: Flipper

Team: Gilbert Grimm & Robert Grimm

From: Wisbech

Scott 2
Scott 2
Weight: 100kg
Cost: 2000 Euros
Top Speed: 18mph
Armour: Steel
Motors: 2 x AEG 24v Motors
Batteries: 3 x Hawker EP-16s
Weapons: HP Flipper

Team: Victor Wolf

From: Berlin, Germany

Terminal Ferocity
IMG 0869
Weight: 90kg
Cost: £3000
Top Speed: 15-20mph
Armour: T6 Aluminium & Rubber Boat Buffering Strip
Motors: 750w Bosch GPA
Batteries: 3 x 12v 12AH Gelled Lead Acid giving 36v Supply
Weapon: CO2 Flipper

Team: John Ryland & Fiona Ryland

From: Bordon

Tough As Nails
Tough as nails
Weight: 100kg
Cost: £2500
Top Speed: 10mph
Armour: 6mm Hardox
Motors: 2 x Bosch 750w Motors
Batteries: 3 x 9ah SLA 36V
Weapons: CO2 Powered Crusher

Team: Jeroen Van Der Loo

From: Tilburg, Holland

The FightEdit

Before the fight, it was revealed that Scott 2 couldn't enter so it withdrew from the competition leaving only Iron-Awe 5, Tough As Nails & Terminal Ferocity to fight it out in the arena.

As the fight started, Tough As Nails tried to grab Terminal Ferocity by the flipper, but Terminal Ferocity retaliated by flipping it away. Terminal Ferocity then seemed to have problems with moving and broke down before Tough As Nails made a move to try and grab and drag it again only to be thrown nearly out the arena by Iron-Awe 5. Tough As Nails tried 3 more times to grab Iron-Awe 5, but the top seed kept flipping the dutch robot away. Iron-Awe 5 threw Tough As Nails twice more before throwing it clean out of the arena. Iron-Awe 5 then attacked Terminal Ferocity before flipping it also out the arena.

Heat A Winner : Iron-Awe 5