The 2011 UK Championships: Heat 1Edit

Heat 1 of the 2011 UK Championships was the first heat of the 2011 UK Championships held on 23rd-24th April at The O2 Arena inm London, It was the first heat to determine which would be the first machine through to the finals later on. The 4 competing robots fought out in a 4-way meeles battle to go through. The runnere-up it will be put iun a losers melee.




The following four competitors were those who fought in the heat.

Image Name
Iron Awe 5

Iron -Awe 5 (seeded 1st)

Terminal Ferocity 2011
Terminal Ferocity
Scott 2
Scott 2 (pulled out)
Tough as nails
Tough As Nails


Tough As Nails v Terminal Ferocity v Iron Awe 5 (1)Edit

Iron Awe 5 started by flipping both TAN and Terminal Ferocity into theaire but both landed on his wheels.TAN recovering and attack Terminal Ferocity that flipped the dutch robots; Terminal Ferocity uis immobilised and only the new gas driven flipper working. Then Iron Awe 5 flipped TAN OOTA and then attacking Major Damage in the final seconds of the battle.

Winner: Iron Awe 5